Ghent Circulation plan

The "Jan Breydelstraat" is a one-way street and cannot be reached via the "Burgstraat", hence the route via "Drabstraat".

Hotel Gravensteen has its own private parking at € 25.00 per day (It cannot be reserved in advance). 

Electric charging stations available

If there is no more space in the hotel car park, you can go to car park P7 or P8.

  • P7 : Sint-Mischielsplein 8, 9000 Ghent (€26/day)
  • P8 : Windows 23, 9000 Ghent (€16/day)
  • Both car parks are within walking distance of the hotel.

The hotel is easily accessible by public transport. Combination Train/Tram. 

Easy access to underground parking or P+R

Gent Sint Pieter station and then Tram 1 (direction Expo/Evergem); stops 50m from hotel (stop "Gravensteen").
The digital signs that today guide car drivers in Ghent to a free underground parking lot,are being replaced by 50 new, smarter models. Thanks to real-time info, drivers can decide which parking to drive to, or opt for a P+R. This way, we avoid traffic jams in the city center. New zones and approach routes
The current system with zones and parking numbers will disappear. Instead, 4 parking zones will appear on the map: Korenmarkt zone, Vrijdagmarkt zone, Zuid-Reep zone, and Veldstraat zone. More information In addition to the occupancy of downtown parking garages, the new signs will also provide information about the P+Rs. Visitors still outside the city ring road will thus have the option to park outside the center. Thanks to the flexibility of the new screens, the signs can also be more responsive to the current situation: major works and events will also be able to be communicated.
Plan your visit in advance online
Do you like to be prepared? You can also find the information on the signs online.
On www.verkeer.gent you can find the current
parking occupancy of almost all underground car parks,
P+Rs and bicycle parking facilities.

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Low Emission Zone Ghent

In order to improve air quality, Ghent's city centre or the area within the R40 will be a low-emission zone (LEZ) from 1 January 2020. The most polluting vehicles will no longer be allowed to enter the zone. Avoid a fine and always check your vehicle before coming to Ghent. 

Check your car here

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Low Emission Zone Ghent