If you like greenery, you may find some parks on the outskirts of town. You can leave the city centre via cycling and walking routes that lead you along canals and green meadows.  Cycle and walking guides can be found at Ghent bookshops (Standaard Boekhandel, Sint-Baafsplein) and at the Infocenter of the Tourist Office.

Citadel Park - Distance 2.3km
The Citadelpark is the largest park in Ghent. Although this park is quite small, it offers greenery and shade during the hot summer days for lovers.

ZuidPark and Muinklaan - Distance 1.8km 
There are also 2 smaller parks in the southeast of the city. In the long and rectangular Zuidpark (on the Franklin Rooseveltlaan) you will find a fountain and a memorial. The park at the Muinklaan is smaller and quieter. 

St Pietersabdij - Distance 1.8km
St. Peter's Abbey has a beautiful and cosy garden with vines and orchards opening out onto the water. During the school semester the place is crawling with students, but it is a beautiful location to enjoy a nice day.  

Blaarmeersen - Distance 3.5km
The Blaarmeersen is a sports and recreation park surrounded by trees and footpaths. There is also a beach, a bar and a campsite a bit further down the road. This is a popular place for local youngsters to cool off during the summer months, but rather deserted during the cold winter months.

Puyenbroeck - Wachtebeke - Distance 20km
The Puyenbroeck Provincial Domain is located a bit further from the city centre; with a golf course, an indoor swimming pool, an indoor sports hall, a playground, a picnic and camping area and many hiking trails. This nature reserve is often visited by locals, and is more difficult to access if you don't have a car or bicycle. It is also possible to rent canoes and kayaks in the nearby Kano & Kayakcenter (Kalvebrug nr1, Wachtebeke) to float around on the many water channels. Bus 76 can take you at Dampoort or Sint-Pieters-Station; the ride takes about 50 minutes.